Ice Bound is out in the world

I’m delighted to have launched my new book, Ice Bound: The Australian Story of Antarctica, at the National Library of Australia on Wednesday 10 August 2022 with the assistance of Alasdair McGregor, Antarctic photographer and author of Frank Hurley: A Photographer’s Life, followed by an interview with the legendary Phillip Adams on Late Night Live.

A couple of weeks later, Ice Bound made a debut in Hobart during the annual Antarctic Festival, with an event at Fullers Bookshop on 25 August featuring Dr Tas van Ommen, an ice core palaeoclimate scientist with the Australian Antarctic Division, and during the Expo on 27 August in the Princes Wharf shed on the Hobart waterfront where sealing, whaling and expedition ships from many nations once set sail for the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

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