Some feedback and reviews

Over the past few weeks since the release of Wild Sea, I have been thrilled and humbled to receive some wonderful reviews and feedback from readers both in Australia and overseas. Here are a few examples:

The vastness of this ocean is explored on so many different fronts by the author that the reader gains a deeper understanding of the powerful body of water … There are so many fascinating facts and stories told in this researched and creatively written book it will be a great “go to,” book for many years. (Blue Wolf Reviews, 24 July 2018)

… it is such a timely and beautifully written and important project. It is setting a standard for future books on oceans. Congratulations! (Christof Mauch, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Munich)

You have managed to pull together a monumental research effort and the result is enthralling … I love how you have woven in these mysteries of the deep in with the history of voyages. (Hobart reader)

I just listened to this podcast from Boston (USA). Wonderfully vivid and informative, and I’m now off in search of your book – Thanks.

I’ve read several chapters and I LOVE it.  It’s really, really a history of the ocean. (Helen M Rozwadowski, author of Fathoming the Ocean: The Discovery and Exploration of the Deep Sea).

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