A great review for Wild Sea

cropped-dscn3159-copy4.jpgI feel a bit like this Gentoo penguin! Last week Sarah Mayor Cox gave a wonderful review of Wild Sea for ABC Central Victoria Breakfast with Jo Printz. She finished with:

Using the best of her expertise as a respected historian and researcher, Joy McCann asks us to think about the Southern Ocean as more than just a “remote scientific laboratory, or as a source of food or prosperity”; she suggests that “in rendering the Southern Ocean as a space for industry and science, we have become curiously disengaged from this wild, little-known sea”.

A wonderful book club text or book to spark dinner table conversation, it’d also be a great read when staying by the ocean, bush walking or camping – endless campfire discussions will ensue!

The full review can be found here:

A summary of the review can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/abc-central-victoria/non-fiction-delights/1988678627870188/

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